The SomeAnswers podcast – The sequel in isolation

Don’t worry this picture was taken in 2019… before isolation issues. Relax!!

Click here to listen in on the conversation between Samantha Freestone & Reel Dialogue’s Russ Matthews

What is on this podcast? Get ready for an experience, unlike any other podcast you have listened to before. This interview is with Reel Dialogue’s Russ Matthews. The last time Sam and Russ sat down to talk the world was in a very different place. Listen in as these two talk about…

“How has COVID 19 has affected you personally?” “How the heck are you surviving this season?” “What have you found to be helpful in this season?” “What is God teaching you in this season?” “What is the first thing you’re going to do when CV is over?”

It all seems like a pretty serious conversation, but we actually had a blast catching up. We hope you are encouraged by the conversation.

Or… if you just need a good laugh today!

What is SomeAnswers all about? It is a podcast that provides a space where Samantha Freestone can interview everyday Christians, talk about their life, their struggles and their faith in God (of the Bible). 

SomeAnswers releases fortnightly, hour-long interviews with Christians from around Australia and worldwide. These interviews are a non-threatening medium for anyone to listen to a ‘regular Christian’s’ unique story in an approachable, guided conversation. Be sure to chack out all of the other fascinating people Samanatha has chatted with over the years.

In the interviews the listeners hear how the gospel captivates, changes and motivates people, and she always finishes with the trademark question: “Why the heck they believe in Jesus?” 

Click here to listen in on the conversation between Samantha Freestone & Reel Dialogue’s Russ Matthews – Spotify version

How is this podcast unique? SomeAnswers never has set questions as it is like you are eavesdropping on a conversation. It is relaxed, raw and very real. When Christians are honest with their faith it allows others to be honest in their journey with God. Throughout the conversation Samantha talks about relevant issues that have arisen and she does ask hard questions of her guests. Say that, this is not a podcast that debates deep theology, but rather is a podcast that lands on the simple question, “Why the heck they do you follow Jesus”. 

We do chat a bit about the Hope at Home Film Festival.

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SomeAnswers exists to open up an environment where anyone can explore faith, the Bible, ethics and more and ask any question free from judgement or fear. How often are matters of faith pushed aside because not-yet-Christians fear what Christians might say or think? The intention is for SomeAnswers to be an authentic discussion starter, a space where anyone can ask their questions and provide views without anxiety. 

Samantha believes that every Christian who has become a follower of Christ has an epic story to tell, ultimately the story of grace, freedom and life in Jesus.

Click here to listen in on the conversation between Samantha Freestone & Reel Dialogue’s Russ Matthews