What to watch in self-isolation on Disney+?

The Reel Dialogue team heard you… you want more than Netflix and Apple TV, what is happening on Disney+?

The family is sitting at home in self-imposed isolation, but you cannot stand to watch another update on the news. Yikes! The fear factor button keeps getting pushed by the media.

You cannot go to the football or basketball game, the movie theatres have been ruled out and the streaming services are a bit overwhelming. What to watch? 

Reel Dialogue is here for you, our team will travel with you through this uncertain time. We will put together a weekly list of things to consider on Apple TV, Netflix and Disney+.

Before grabbing the remote, be sure to wash your hands, get outside when you can and get some fresh air, stay healthy, but when you want to consider something to watch, Reel Dialogue is here for you. 

Here is Reel Dialogue’s top fifteen list on Disney+ this week:

  1. The Rocketeer
  2. The Mandalorian (If you are one of the only people in the world who has not seen it!)
  3. Guardians of the Galaxy
  4. Inside Out
  5. Zootopia
  6. The Original Star Wars trilogy (Reel Dialogue founder – Adrian Drayton – would be so proud)
  7. Pete’s Dragon
  8. Newsies (Yes, that is Academy Award winner – Christian Bale)
  9. The Emperor’s New Groove
  10. 101 Dalmatians – The original
  11. Bolt (One of the most underrated Disney films)
  12. Free Solo (Only for the most daring of viewers)
  13. James and the Giant Peach
  14. Miracle (2004)
  15. Queen of Katwe

Check out the reviews, enjoy the films, send us your thoughts. Stay healthy!

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