As a boy, Carl Fredricksen longed for adventure and idolised the world explorer Charles Muntz. When he met and fell in love with a fellow adventurer, Ellie, he made her a promise: one day they would follow in Muntz’s footsteps and travel to South America to live at Paradise Falls. They have a long and happy marriage, but Ellie dies without ever making it to her dream destination. Now a widowed senior citizen, Carl longs only to live an undisturbed life. Until one day when he is forced to move out of his home and into a retirement community, and decides to do something radical. He attaches thousands of helium balloons to his house, intending to fly it south.

Carl still imagines that this will be a solitary venture that doesn’t greatly disrupt his comfort. But all this changes when he discovers eight-year-old Wilderness Explorer Russell clinging to his porch as the house ascends. Russell had approached Carl in the hope of earning his ‘assisting the elderly’ badge, but this odd pair must now join forces as they navigate their way to Paradise Falls and encounter all sorts of bizarre creatures and life-threatening situations.

Up reveals there is adventure to be had in pursuing meaningful relationships. It explores other adventures which people devote their lives to such as personal comfort, accomplishments and prestige, but it commends those who live to help others.

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