The Kings Speech (M)

The King’s Speech is an endearing biographical account of one man’s fight to be heard.

Part of Prince Albert’s (Colin Firth) role within the royal family included speaking publicly across the country.
But his debilitating stammer haunts him, causing embarrassment and frustration, preventing coherent expression when speaking both to the nation, and to his wider family.

The king must overcome his impediment with the help of unconventional yet charming speech therapist Lionel Logue (Geoffrey Rush) in order to effectively lead the country forward.

Discussion Starter

  1. Why is Lionel Logue able to help King George when other experts failed?
  2. Besides the stammering, what other obstacles—social, cultural, or emotional—does King George have to overcome in order to get help? What obstacles must Lionel overcome in order to be able to help?
  3. Many historical films or accounts glamorize Edward VIII for choosing love over position when he abdicated his throne. How does the film view this relationship and this decision?
  4. Besides personal embarrassment, what is at stake in the climactic scene? What does the film argue would have been the consequences had King George been unable to give this speech?

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