The Force Awakens trailer drops online

First we had the teasers for the latest official trailer, then the poster art. Now (drumroll) the latest trailer has dropped! And it’s just plain awesome. For those wanting a glimpse of Luke Skywalker, you may need to wait till 17 December. Or will we. Seems that the metallic hand that is laid on R2D2 partway through the trailer may be our only glimpse of Skywalker. Details around the storyline have been kept so tightly under lock and key, that it is pretty unlikely we will get an idea about the new storyline and how the characters relate to original trilogy characters.

But savor this moment folks. With the film a mere two months away (well 57 days, 7 hours and 20 minutes but who’s counting right) we won’t have much more time to wait.

With expected box office takings that will outstrip even the highest grossing film of all time — Avatar — and tickets going on sale from today, strap yourself in for the cinematic ride of the century.



Adrian Drayton

Adrian Drayton is the Director of Reel Dialogue. A film critic and commentator on culture for 20 years, he believes in the power of cinema and the power of God to start conversations about faith and culture. He is also a massive Star Wars nerd.