The Angry Birds Movie 2

3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)

While travelling on public transport or in the local airport, it is a fascinating cultural phenomenon to see how many adults are engaged in games on their mobile phones. Concepts that can only exist in this gaming realm, such as a world where pigs and birds battle between two islands. Playing such a game is a mind-numbing and cathartic experience for many who want to escape the mundane aspects of life. So it was not too much of a jump for the creators of Angry Birds to consider a feature-length film on these characters. The original cinematic adventure shot to the top of the charts and Red (Jason Sudeikis), Bomb (Danny McBride) and Chuck (Josh Gad) became a merchandising dream for Sony Animation. 

To think that a sequel would follow on after the success of the first venture onto Bird and Pig islands, should have been a foregone conclusion. The Angry Birds Movie 2 follows on after the story of the two warring animal factions as they continue the pranks and minor destructive acts against the two communities. After going from zero to hero, Red takes on this role as island protector and is held in high regard amongst his feathered friends until one day the pigs call for a truce.

King Leonard (Bill Hader) reaches out to the birds to join forces with the pigs to battle against a new threat to both island nations after a giant ice ball is launched at them from Eagle Island. The angry birds must put aside their pride and consider partnering with their green pig nemesis against the Zeta (Leslie Jones) and her advanced weaponry. During the covert mission, Red must work with the eccentric, but brilliant Silver (Rachel Bloom) to help their bird community to survive this new threat. 

(L to R, front to back) Courtney (Awkwafina), Chuck (Josh Gad), Silver (Rachel Bloom), Red (Jason Sudeikis), Leonard (Bill Hader), Mighty Eagle (Peter Dinklage) and Bomb (Danny McBride) in Columbia Pictures and Rovio Animations’ ANGRY BIRDS 2.

For a game that is played primarily by adults, this is a franchise for children. Having big birds and green pigs battling for bragging rights on who can cause the most destruction on their neighbours, this is humour at its most infantile level. With the combination of potty humour and slapstick, this will garner laughs from the youngest of fans and does provide safe options for families. Not that there are not elements for the grown-ups who attend with the little ones, but the majority of this film does move from the ridiculous to the ludicris. 

For those who have been following the progression of this bird bunch, the second chapter does have more to offer than the first outing. The three hatchlings provide a heartwarming and winning diversion to the primary storyline. These young ones manage to get the biggest laughs and prove to have the same effect as the penguins of Madagascar, but not enough to get their own film. 

What did our junior review team think of The Angry Birds 2?

The junior reviewers that came along for the screening enjoyed the movie. They laughed out loud and were able to follow the story. Even though it was not as good as some of the other family films from this year, it was the right choice for these kids to enjoy. Even though there are some mature underpinnings, the majority of these aspects are too subtle to make much of an impression on the young ones. A story that gives families something to enjoy together, but similar to playing the Angry Birds game, the movie will not add anything to your intellect as much as provide some mindless entertainment.

REEL DIALOGUE: How do you define a hero? 

This a question that can take on a multitude of answers. From the fictional character to the unsung humble members of our community, the label of hero can cut across cultures, genders, ages and nations. 

Hero: a person noted for courageous acts or nobility of character

This broad definition can be placed on many individuals throughout history, but there is only one person who truly fits into this without blemish. One whose courageous act was enough to save the world. It is hard to look pass Jesus as the true definition of hero. All others pail in comparison, not to diminish their value, but merely to point to the one who set the standard for true heroism.

Passages on defining heroes: Mark 9:35, John 15:3,John 3:17, and the Gospel of Luke