Starting a Reel Dialogue group

If your group or church would like to start your own Reel Dialogue group contact us and we can come and talk to your group or church about the theological basis for beginning such a group and how it will help you make contact with non-churched people in your community.

The Reel Dialogue evenings are usually planned around a movie and begin with a light meal followed by the film and discussion following the film. With this in mind plan your evening to begin around 7.30-8pm then begin the film around 8.30pm. Most films should conclude around 10pm which means then you can have around 30 mins of discussion.

As the host you should have ideally watched the film a couple of times and spent time thinking about the themes — both Biblical and ethical — that arise from viewing the film.

When watching the film note any spiritual themes that arise and find relevant Biblical texts which help draw out the theme.

Familiarise yourself with the basics of the the Phenomenological Response and either hand out to members of the group on arrival and get them to look at the steps and use this as their guide as they view the film.

Remember that film is a subjective medium, so everyone in the group will be confronted in different ways by the experience of watching a film together.

When discussing the film after the movie over coffee it is important to note that because of the way we view film there are no wrong answers, but guiding the discussion with a Biblical basis is important.

If you plan to show the film in your church, you will need to purchase a Big Picture Movie Licence.

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