Star Wars 7 photos and new details released

Entertainment Weekly reveals plenty of new details and a lot of new photos from ‘Star Wars 7’ on the eve of Disney’s D23 celebration.

NERD ALERT: Star Wars: The Force Awakens is heading to Anaheim this weekend for Disney’s big D23 celebration, where all of the latest Disney, LucasFilm and Marvel movies and TV shows will be on full display. But yesterday, director J.J. Abrams confirmed what he said during Comic-Con. There will be no new trailer or footage shown during his presentation. To make up for it, EW has released a stunning new cover for their Fall Movie edition, which features new Star Wars 7 villain Kylo Ren. It is accompanied by 12 new photos (some of which are similar to others we’ve seen in the recent past). Best of all, there is a ton of new information about the making of the movie and the story that will unfold in theaters this December. There are a few mild spoilers ahead.