The Boston Globe has been known for being a leader in investigative journalism throughout modern news reporting. The Globe’s “Spotlight” team has existed since the 70’s and has a reputation for breaking open some of the most important stories in reporting history. When this Boston Globe team decided to look into some of the dealings of one of the most influential institutions in Boston, the Catholic Church, it caused quite a stir. The story of Spotlight travels through the investigation as the team searches for the truth behind allegations and the potential cover-up of child sexual abuse within this religious organisation.

The team takes a comprehensive look that spans from the initial enquiry to the the modern day situation and the challenges that extended beyond the borders of Bean town. The tight-knit reporting team is shown experiencing backlash because of the influence that the Catholic church has on the religious, legal and government establishments in Boston.

The team’s work was the spark that ignited the world-wide investigations of the the Catholic church and other organisations on these abuses against children.



Russell Matthews

Russell loves film and enjoys engaging in discussions about the latest cinema offerings and then connecting this with the Gospel. He has worked for City Bible Forum for over 10 years, is a reviewer for Insights Magazine and Entertainment Fuse and has a blog called Russelling Reviews. He moderates events for Reel Dialogue which connect the film industry with the general public.