Saved! (M)

In this subversive comedy, a group of outsiders band together to navigate the treacherous halls of high school and make it to graduation, ultimately learning more about themselves, finding faith in unexpected places, and realizing what it truly means to be Saved!

Mary (Jena Malone), a student at American Eagle Christian High School, is a devoted Christian who says Jesus is the center of her life. When her boyfriend, Dean (Chad Faust), reveals he’s gay, Mary is so shocked she bumps her head. In a daze, she has a vision of Jesus telling her, “Dean needs you now. Do everything you can to help him.” To Mary, this means sleeping with Dean to turn him straight.

Before Mary finds out whether her therapy worked, Dean’s parents learn of his sexual preference and send him to Mercy House, a Christian rehab center specializing in “de-gayification.” Mary discovers she’s pregnant and goes into a crisis of faith: How could God do this?

When other students find out her secret, they are judgmental and harsh—especially the hypocritical holy-roller Hilary Faye (Mandy Moore). Mary finds support and compassion from the school’s only non-Christians: the Jewish Cassandra (Eva Amurri) and Hilary Faye’s handicapped brother, Roland (Macaulay Culkin), who points out early on that he is not a Christian. The three of them stand up against the intolerance and hypocrisy in the school and teach others that it’s hard to know what Jesus would do, but believers can figure it out together through love and acceptance of differences.

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