Reel Dialogue Ranking of the X-men franchise

We find ourselves at the precipice of another superhero franchise launching a new chapter in their anthology. Also, similar to Avengers: Endgame, this marks the end of an era. After two decades and 12 films, this chapter of the X-men is coming to a conclusion. With Dark Phoenix in theatres, Reel Dialogue thought it might be worth revisiting a previous list of the best X-men films. 

The list will include the prequels since they have been intermixed throughout the franchise. It might cause some fans to get anxious, but a little controversy never hurts a good conversation. Since this dates back over two decades, this will be based on entertainment value opposed to the quality of effects. 

What is your favourite? 

Some have asked, “What about Deadpool?” Reel Dialogue has changed the stance on these films.  Prior X-men lists did not include Deadpool for two reasons. 

1) The utter mistreatment of the red-suited figure in the Wolverine film

2) The comparison did not seem to be fair to the franchise, Deadpool was in a different stratum than this franchise had experienced. Now the Merc with a Mouth has moved from an X-men trainee to a major player in this franchise.

With the release of Logan, we thought it would be worth including both Deadpool films in this franchise. Also, it lifts the quality of this franchise considerably. Not quite to the level of the Marvel Universe, but definitely lifts it above the current DC Universe output

Reel Dialogue Ranking of the X-men franchise

1. Logan

2. Deadpool 2

3. Deadpool

4. X-Men 

5. X-Men 2

6. X-Men : Days of Future Past

7. X-Men: First Class

8. Dark Phoenix

9. The Wolverine

10. X-Men: The Last Stand

11. X-Men: Apocalypse

12. X-Men Origins: Wolverine

There it is…See what you think of Reel Dialogue’s Ranking of the X-men franchise and send us your thoughts and passion points for your beloved heroes.  

Enjoy the films and thank you for taking the time to read the reviews and rankings!