New Star Trek series set for 2017

The TV landscape has been without a Star Trek series for a while, which is strange because the rebooted J.J. Abrams films have renewed interest in all things Vulcan.

In January 2017, CBS will launch a new series on its $5.99 streaming service CBS All Access, which will be the show’s exclusive home for American audiences. So, not free-to-air but a SVOD service, which possibly says more about the state of TV than it does the sci-fi subject matter.

It’s also going to be made available on platforms globally like Netflix or Stan, but the big story here seems to be its American distribution, making it the first streaming/VOD-only Star Trek series.

Star Trek celebrates its 50th anniversary on 8 September 2016, so the timing is pretty much perfect. There also happens to be no major theatrical release planned for that weekend, but maybe that’s just a coincidence. Either way, the new series will capture a new generation of audiences the way the original did back in 1966.

It already seems to be off to a smooth start, as #StarTrek is currently the top trending hashtag on Twitter – a sentence that wouldn’t have made any sense 50 years ago, but one I hope Gene Roddenberry would’ve been excited about.