The Big Studio Movie Licence

Heritage HM have been working for the past few years to bring to Australian and New Zealand churches an annual movie license that will cover all the BIG MOVIE STUDIOS. It’s taken some time but the end result is really exciting for you!

It’s called THE BIG STUDIO MOVIE LICENSE and once you have it in place you are covered for a 12 month period to screen most films in your church.

Metro Magazine

ATOM, through its publications arm (Metro Magazine and Screen Education) produces study guides and educational kits for feature films, documentaries, television programs, exhibitions, etc.

Over the last ten years, Metro Magazine has produced guides for Disney, BBC, Roadshow, 20th Century Fox, Columbia Tristar, SBS, Australian Film Commission, Hoyts, Film Finance Corporation, Becker/REP, Ronin Films, Icon Films, ABC, Australian Film Commission, Yorum Gross, and many others.

The study guides are written for teachers and students in primary and secondary schools and tertiary institutions. Metro Magazine has a team of curriculum experts from all curriculum areas who view the programs to decide whether or not they can be linked to the curriculum and, if so, then recommend what year levels and subject areas are appropriate for that particular program.

Reel Spirituality

Reel Spirituality is a creative encounter between the church and Hollywood, featuring ministers and filmmakers in discovery of common ground as story tellers, image shapers, and culture makers. The Insititute brings together leading filmmakers, emerging pastors, and rising scholars around our image driven culture’s primary texts–film and television. On the site you will find Bible studies and reviews.

Digital Orthodoxy

Darren Wright’s excellent resource for youth workers with discussion guides and heaps of other useful material.

The Office for Film and Literature Classification, Australia.