Infinity War’s Gospel Symbolism

It’s the most emotionally intense film of the Marvel cinematic universe  so far… and now its available to watch again at home, or with your youth group at Church.

Youth has some great conversation starters for youth groups and others who want to dive deep into the films themes ahead of the mind bending sequel that will cap off the story in April 2019.

Avengers: Infinity War goes places other superhero films don’t. Embedded among the snarky jabs and insider humour, the film explores provocative questions about faith. It often feels like we’re watching an epic sci-fin spin on the Old Testament—an onramp into End Times imagery and implications. Under assault by a larger-than-life villain named Thanos, humans and aliens alike wonder if they have what it takes to save their loved ones, let alone the universe.


Many of your teenagers have already seen this film—here are some savvy conversation-starters that will help you bridge the film’s themes to gospel themes…

Follow this link to the full story with discussion starters

“My guess is that this film will leave its viewers in dissonance—on purpose. And that’s where we live, too—living out our lives in the “kingdom of this world,” while advancing the values and truths of our real home, the “Kingdom of God.” We feel the tension between these two realities. Our “endgame” is less about the temporary hopes we have, and more about the permanent hopes that drive us” –  Tony Myles

Trailer for the Infinity War