Reel Dialogue is now partnering with City Bible Forum to bring film events that will be followed by a discussion with industry experts.

As events are planned you will find dates on the City Bible Forum website and here on the Reel Dialogue website.

4 thoughts on “Events

  1. I would be interested in attending Reel Dialogue events, particularly at Turramurra please. Last night I attended the preview of Collateral Beauty which was very good. I just completed the survey but when I tried to submit it I got a Gateway time out message. A new attempt said Safari couldn’t open the page. I’m going out soon but will try again later on.

  2. HI
    Last evening my wife and I attended the preview screening of Silence – a very powerful movie that stimulated a lot of thought and discussion.

    As we went as a guest of someone else, can you put me on your mailing list so I can learn of future events?

  3. Hi David,

    We don’t have a mailing list per-se, but if you like our FB page (the link is on the index page) we are always posting events there.

    We’re glad you enjoyed the evening.

    The Reel Dialogue Team

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