Early reviews are glowing for Solo: A Star Wars Story

The internet has been pretty cluttered with people’s opinions of the upcoming Ron Howard entry into the Star Wars Universe with Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Perhaps the main criticism has really been the choice of leading man in Alden Ehrenreich and his distinct lack of sounding or even looking like a young Harrison Ford. As Han Solo is perhaps among the most revered Star Wars characters and fans were blindsided by his untimely death in The Force Awakens, the news that this stand alone film about the smugglers origins came as a bit of a shock.

On set issues with the first directors sacked by Kathleen Kennedy over creative differences, followed by the next day hiring of Ron Howard and news of extensive reshoots and even acting lessons for Ehrenreich have not instilled confidence with people.

With the worldwide premiere last night then, perhaps Lucasfilm is breathing a sigh of relief that early reactions are favourable.

Are you excited for Solo: A Star Wars Story? Sound out in the comments below and let us know. Our intrepid film reviewer Russ Matthews will be going to an early screening so be sure and look out for our spoiler free review.

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