Director’s chair – Peter Weir

Peter Weir may not be as well known as a director as Steven Spielberg or Christopher Nolan, but over the past three decades there have been few to match his consistency and quality. Weir has put forward great films in Australia and on the world stage. He was considered to be part of the Australian Wave of talent in the 80’s.

In film making, he is known for his value to the whole process of writing, cinematography, music and direction. Many will not recognise his name, but many will recognise his great films. 

Interesting facts about Peter Weir:

  • He has a law degree from Sydney University.
  • Directed five different actors in Oscar-nominated performances: Linda Hunt, Harrison Ford, Robin Williams, Rosie Perez and Ed Harris.
    • Linda Hunt won an Oscar for The Year of Living Dangerously (1982).
  • His films very often deal with people, who find themselves in surroundings, where they do not fit in to society.

Examples: Philadelphia Cop among the Amish, in Witness (1985) or the progressive teacher on a strictly conservative school, in Dead Poets Society (1989)

Reel Dialogue’s top Peter Weir films:

1. The Truman Show

2. Gallipoli

3. Witness

4. Dead Poet’s Society

5. The Year of Living Dangerously 

6. Master and Commander