Captain America: Civil War

(5 / 5)


The Avengers have been part of the destruction of key cities on most of the world’s continents. In their defence, they have been on the right side of justice in each battle. But even with the right intentions of saving the world, innocent lives have been lost in the crossfire.

In their latest excursion to keep the people of the world safe, an accident occurs in Nigeria and innocent bystanders once again lose their lives. The governments of the world unite and desire to strike an accord with the Avengers to come under a new level of accountability.

With a few days to consider the implications of this decision, a major rift occurs in the team over this pact with the United Nations. Battle lines are drawn among the superhero squad. With Captain America/Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) on one side and Iron Man/Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) opposing the star-spangled avenger, a familiar threat to the stability of world peace comes to their attention.

The masked marvels must decide which side they will align with, in this clash of the titans.




Russell Matthews

Russell loves film and enjoys engaging in discussions about the latest cinema offerings and then connecting this with the Gospel. He has worked for City Bible Forum for over 10 years, is a reviewer for Insights Magazine and Entertainment Fuse and has a blog called Russelling Reviews. He moderates events for Reel Dialogue which connect the film industry with the general public.