Behind the magic – Why do films matter?

What is the Edge?

City Bible Forum and the Centre for Public Christianity invite you to take a look over the edge.

To understand where our current thinking is taking us. To see what’s happening now, what’s coming next, and what you can do about it.

One hour, once a month, ideas that will set your teeth on edge. Two critical thinkers will take you on precise, TED-style 15-minute tours of a key social trend that’s transforming our world – then brace themselves for your questions.

The next event is on Thu Jun 22nd, 6.30pm-7.45pm

What does the film industry do to keep you coming back for more?

Each and every year, people line up all over the world so they can hand over billions of their hard-earned dollars, to sit in a dark room together … and dream.

Hollywood, Bollywood and dozens of other movie industries exercise an undeniable influence over our public consciousness. They are the modern myth-makers. Their stories excite our imaginations, shape our aspirations and inform our expectations.

Why do some films soar while others bomb? Which stories are destined to find a home in our hearts – and why? In short, what’s the formula to creating Movie Magic?

Join us at the Edge

Join Giles Hardie, Mark Hadley and Moderator Dr Justine Toh at the Edge on 22 June to consider why movies still matter, and why there are only three Australian films. Yes you heard that right.

When you register, you may also buy tickets for a special screening of The Case for Christ.

For more information and to register for what promises to be a fantastic event visit the website

Adrian Drayton

Adrian Drayton is the Director of Reel Dialogue. A film critic and commentator on culture for 20 years, he believes in the power of cinema and the power of God to start conversations about faith and culture. He is also a massive Star Wars nerd.