About Us

popcornReel Dialogue is a creative dialogue between the church and entertainment culture (film and TV), with Christians discovering how common theological ground can be forged with story tellers, image shapers, and culture makers.

Reel Dialogue helps facilitate engagement with films without disengaging your faith and gives film goers the opportunity to discuss, engage and interact with one another to bridge the gap between faith and culture and to see cultural objects such as film through the lens of the divine

Movies offer us the gamut of human existence and emotion: the highest highs and the lowest lows. We can see every part of the human existence in the last 120 odd years of film making. Films after all reflect aspects of life back at us.

Those flickers of light on screens in the dark stand as rich objects of spiritual contemplation, for if we aren’t contemplating our existence what is the point of life?

Movies provide us with a constant tension between falleness and glory, the two things living side by side in the natural world and in all human beings, beings who bear both the smudge of the fall and the grandeur of the imago dei. But how do we take our Christian worldview to the movies with us, to help us critically engage and negotiate popular culture’s messages and themes?

Aside from the simple pleasure of spending time together and discussing films, there are teachable moments in Hollywood’s modern parables and character studies. Crafted properly, movies can lift the spirit, tap into eternal truth and convey moral messages that challenge us to live out what we’ve experienced. And some that don’t do all of those things can still be effectively used to reinforce and confirm why we don’t believe things should be a certain way.

Conversation is the key to broadening our Christian worldview and understanding culture. Plus it’s just fun to discuss a film after viewing it, particularly if it’s a great film!

Discerning and Decoding

Reel Dialogue can help groups discern and decode films in a faith-based context. Reel Dialogue group resources have been sourced or written to help people approach film through the filter of the gospel, to build groups that can engage with entertainment in a way that will invigorate their faith and witness.

We are saturated with visual images and messages and it is really important to have the tools to talk about these messages as they relate to us as Christians, rather than passively consume a filmmaker’s worldview.

This website aims to equip ministry agents and inspire creative dialogue between church and culture.

The hope is you’ll enter the cinema with a newly-developed filter to approach the world of entertainment.

Reel Dialogue — Engaging with films without disengaging your faith.