2012 Movie Preview

Get excited for the best lineup of movies in over a decade

Check out Meta Critic’s list of the most anticipated movies of 2012.

We’ll admit it: we had a hard time getting excited about many of the films released in 2011. Apparently, many of you felt the same way; U.S. attendance last year dropped to the lowest level in 16 years. But a quick glance at the 2012 release schedule is all that’s needed to revive your interest in heading to the cineplex.

Indeed, the next 12 months look ready to provide an embarrassment of riches for movie fans. A new Batman movie? Check. A big-budget Ridley Scott sci-fi thriller? Sure. Quentin Tarantino’s latest opus? Why not. Throw in Joss Whedon tackling The Avengers, the first of two Hobbit movies, James Bond’s next adventure, the opening chapter of The Hunger Games, new films from Wes Anderson, David O. Russell, Judd Apatow, P.T. Anderson, Alfonso Cuarón, Whit Stillman, the Coen brothers (maybe), and more of our favorite directors, and we can’t imagine a better year for movies. It may even rival 1999, the most recent year we can remember that boasted so many intriguing films.


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